Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to School: Workshop Week Day 1 Reflection

I know many #teacherblogs I follow say they have already been back, for a week or more!  Here in MN, most districts start after labor day, which is the last day of the beautiful MN State Fair!  I am going 3 times this year, each night ending in a concert; Kid Rock, Linkin' Park, and Fallout Boy.

Back on subject...we started workshop week (really, 4 days M-TH) yesterday.  We began with the typical full district kick-off...

The best part?  Food trucks!
My delicious Mac and Cheese with Broccoli and Chicken! #yummy

The worst part?  Wishing I had those 4 hours to be in my classroom getting ready.  Even with all my time and energy this summer, my room and lesson planning is not where I want it to be!  We have Open House on Wednesday, so I am going to focus on getting the room ready for that first, then the lesson planning.

I really hope to post more about my room after open house, because I think I have done some good things that will help make this year successful.  We have a challenging group of kiddos coming to 5th grade (although my class seemed wonderful when I met them at assessments!) so as a team we are trying to put into place some grade-level management systems and are working together to plan and stay on track more.

Off to Tuesday....today we have our school staff meeting in the morning and then more class work time!  I just may have to shut my door and turn the computer of so I don't get distracted! :o)

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