Monday, August 18, 2014

Blog Hoppin' Back to School 2014, Monday WHO

I am so excited to be doing my first link-up with Blog Hoppin' and some AMAZING teacher bloggers from around the world!

Today's link-up topic is WHO, as in Who are you?  I just started my blog a few days ago (check out my first post,) so I thought this introduction would be a bit different than that one was....:o)

The gist: I am a 5th grade teacher from MN, love to read, and love to get students excited about reading!  This year will be my third year in 5th grade, but my 7th year overall.  I taught 6th grade Reading and Language previously for 4 years, and before that did a LTS in 5th grade for 4+ months. Here are some more tidbits about me...

That's me sitting on the couch, right side with the scarf.  This other ladies sitting are some of my 5th grade team members.  We went and watched a taping of a local news/entertainment show call Twin Cities Live, so this is us afterwards with the hosts, Steve and Elizabeth.  We had a blast seeing the behind the scenes of the making of a live show!  It was a teachers only audience, so thought maybe we'd be given some swag (post-its, markers, etc.) and we did get a pretty sweet bag, but it had advertisements, a coupon for knife sharpening and some beef rub/spices in it...not what we were thinking!

I LOVE Audrey Hepburn.  She is my all time favorite actress and leading lady.  While I Love Breakfast at Tiffany's (what girl doesn't like jewelry and that little teal box?) my favorite movie of hers is actually Wait Until Dark-she plays a blind woman and men enter her house for a heist, just creepy! One of my four tattoos is actually the typical Tiffany charm (heart with key, T&Co.) because i thought it would be weird to get her face tattooed onto me!

I have been married to 6 years to this "kid."  He is amazing.  We met while working together at McDonald's over 14 years ago!  We dated throughout high school and college; he went to a community college near home while I went to the University of Minnesota by the big city (go gophers!)  He is my rock, never lets me get too serious, and supports me in all I do! (changing grades, getting my masters, going back to get my +60 credits, etc.)  We now have a beautiful 3-year old, J, who is our whole world!  He is equal parts the hubby and me; copying everything we do and turning into one amazing little man...

J is looking a bit too serous in this one, but still adorable! (I am a bit bias)

Other than teaching, planning my lessons, blogging about teaching, reading blogs about teaching, and reading (for pleasure or professional books!)  I love to work out and have participated in some amazing runs.  After having J my hubby and I decided we were content with life so I pulled out all the stops and have been working hard to get to my happy place....25 lbs lost this past year, but still working on it. :o) This summer I completed a 1/2 marathon with just over an 11 minute mile time, and vow to increase my speed a bit for the next one! (Yes, I said next one, a runner's high is a real thing!)
My friend and I before a run at the MN Zoo last summer!

In closing, I'd like to leave you with this gem.  I grew up during the Boy Band era and love all the classics from NKOTB to BSB to NSync (props if you know all of those acronyms AND like them too!)  But, my all time favorite will always be these boys....

I am thinking of using MmmBop as my wind-down the day/clean-up song....any thoughts?
I think my 5th graders will love it!

Stay tuned to more FANTASTIC Blog Hoppin' Back to School 2014 info!  CLick the link above or below to go back to Blog Hoppin' and check out all the other fantastic bloggers!

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