Thursday, August 21, 2014

Blog Hoppin' Back to School Blog Hop 2014-Thursday WHEN

Welcome back for Thursday's edition of the Blog Hop.  We're onto WHEN, as in When do you plan to do things in your day.

I met with my 5th grade team in early August to plan our schedule.  We are given our Specialist time (Art, PE, Music, Media) by admin, as well as our recess and lunch times, so we had to plan around that.  We tried to take into consideration the blocks of times we had available, or push-in/pull-out/co-teaching people, and this is what we came up with:

Morning Bell Rings, Check-in with Homeroom
     (lunch choice, snack cart, morning work)

10 minutes later we head to Specialists
     (Phy Ed, Art, Media/Computers, Music)
     *this is our prep, we get 50 minutes

When student return we are going to go back to Homeroom to have snack and work on: character building, class building, handwriting, or have a Morning Meeting.  I may work on my Daily Math worksheet then (see Math part 2 post) This time is only 20 minutes.

Math (1 hour 20 minutes)
**Students will be switching classrooms for math in 5th grade!  This concept is new to many of them!  
**I plan on doing a lot of guided math. (see my math part 1 post and check back later as I blog about how it's going!)

Recess and Lunch (45 minutes total)

Reading and Language (1 hour 40 minutes)
**Try to build stamina up for students of at least 30 minutes Independent Reading per day
**Trying to do writing EVERYDAY!  Purchased Paragraph of the Week and Essay of the Month by Teaching in Room 6 to use this year! 
**Also need some Vocab and Root Word Work.  Going to do by Vocabulary Voyage Teaching in Room 129 and Morphology by The Ladybug Files.  (click links to see the resources, I will blog about them once they are in place!)

Social Studies or Science (50 minutes)
**We have National Geographic textbooks to use for science, as well as FOSS kits.  I also have many resources from The Science Penguin (<--Love her!) I intend to use, reading passages, interactive notebooks,etc.
**For Social Studies, we use a economy curriculum called JA BizTown by Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest.  The students LOVE IT!  Otherwise, we just purchased student copies of Studies Weekly.  We purchased the Social Studies editions.  I used it last year with my class and they loved it, so my whole team got it this year.  A great non-fiction resource!

Clean-up and Planners (20 minutes)
**Always do a science question of the day, call it Quiz Whiz
**Thinking about a song to transition the students to clean-up mode, maybe Hanson's Mmmbop?!  Any thoughts?


That's our 5th grade schedule in a (big) nutshell!  See you tomorrow for the WHAT post!

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