Monday, August 11, 2014

Math: The first week or so...part 1

I am supper excited about my math lessons for the first week or so of school!  It's all about review, getting to know the students, and making math meaningful!

In 5th grade, we start to split the students and have them move for classes.  For math, we have an advanced math room--that actually teaches from the 6th grade curriculum--and then 3 other classrooms.  One of those is actually a "flipped" classroom.  The teacher here makes/creates/finds videos for students to watch as their homework, and then during class the students actually work through the problems in their homework book and participate in extension/challenge activities once they've mastered the material.

That all being said, my team has decided that the first week we are reviewing 4th grade learning and practicing math facts in our homeroom groups.  Then, during the 2nd week, Advanced Math will start, while the other 3 classrooms (2 "traditional" and the flipped) will continue to work on basic math skills and the first unit in our curriculum, which is basically review and math facts!  Students during this week may switch between our classrooms a bit so we get to know them and they get to know our teaching styles!  We really are trying to gauge who is able to do flipped math and who would benefit the most from certain teachers.  We DID NOT do this last year and ran into some road blocks along the way...

 So, I thought I would share some of the AWESOME math related activities I am doing the first week or so in math:

I found something from Runde's room to use....seriously, if you are a teacher and don't know who Jen Runde is, you're missing out!

She has these really cute Math about Me banners her students make, and they're free!

I also purchased her Math By the Month to use a bit later, once my math class is established...

I also am going to be using the Fast Facts Game I created...basically a bingo type game where an expression is put on the screen for a a few seconds and students need to do the mental math to find the product on their board.  I am hoping students get really quick at recalling their facts through 12.  I have a system in place for this too, but will share that on another post!

Stay tuned for part 2....I have so many other fun activities to do, math is going to rock! :o)

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