Friday, August 15, 2014

Math part 2...

So I started this blog on Sunday night, and posted Sunday and Monday.  Then, as life does, things got busy and I am just now getting to follow up on my post from Monday about math the first week or so.

I am so excited to review facts with the students in a variety of ways, and teach them different games/routines so they are set to dive into guided math the third week of school.

I found this activity free from The Teacher Studio, which I think will make a good center activity or game those first weeks; a simply roll/multiply/cover game:

This is really similar to another free game I found, Knock it Off. I like Knock it Off because I can different pairs of students different factor sheets to use, so I can differentiate a bit. (Sorry, I can't get the picture to pixilate correctly!)

I had counters to put on the boards, but I recently just purchased 300 of these bingo chips off Amazon for less than $10 with shipping!  I like that these are see-through, so students can see what has already been covered.  Especially for Knock it Off, where you can knock your partners off (unless they have 2 pieces on a space, then it is locked in and safe!)

I also have a lot of tile math packets the students can work through:

If you have never used tile math, they are pretty fun for students to work through.  There is a board and students need to put the digits 0-9 on the board in order to complete the problems/expressions/etc that are there.  I am not sure where my set came from, but the above is one I found on TeachersPayTeachers.

I bought a set of 400 of these foam tiles off Amazon from School Smart.  They came super quickly and cost less than $12!  I only wrote numbers on about half of them (digits 0-9) using a sharpie, on both sides.  I like them because being foam, they are QUIET!  No tinks as students drop them or move them around.  Now I just need to make keys form my packets so students can self-assess!

Finally, something I am excited to incorporate EVERYDAY is my Daily Math packet.  This is a packet I made for students to complete a page a day M-Th, with us have a math talk and going over the activities on Friday.  I envision this being a morning work/extra down time activity.  My students don't have a lot of morning work time, so I may have to do this during other time I have with my homeroom kiddos.  I have uploaded it to my TpT if you are interested.  It is still a product "in the works," so as I complete it, I will be updating it on TpT and giving the updates out for free to those who have purchased this skeleton version!  This is just an example of the first can check it out on TpT to get a better idea of what is included.  As I get this going, I envision a blog post about how it works in my classroom!  Get it here.

I still have so much more to share abut i get my students to memoriz and ENJOY thier facts, setting-up my guided math class (new to me this year!) using Khan Academy as a teaching tool, and other resources I have collected and found.  As i said in my other post, math class is going to rock this year and I can't wait to get started!

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