Sunday, October 5, 2014

Long Hiatus....much needed!

Once upon a time there was a 5th grade teacher who decided it would be fun to blog about her school year.  Other people did it, it seemed easy to do, and would provide some reflection about school.

The first month went great!  The 5th grade teacher was having fun sharing ideas and connecting with other bloggers.  She loved writing about school and what was going on in her classroom.

But then the school year actually began, and WHAM! the newbie blogger was overwhelmed.  In addition to starting a blog, this teacher also decided to go back to school to earn a reading certification, take on the daily school broadcasts (in addition to already doing school patrol,) continue on leadership groups in school (Staff Development being one,) enroll her 3 year old in preschool thus needing to organize rides to get him from daycare to preschool during the school day, implement guided math, and instill a new reading/vocabulary/writing "curriculum" built from TPT resources, etc.

Therefor, a much needed hiatus was needed, shortly after starting previously mentioned blog.

But now, after a month, said blogger is feeling a bit better, and is going to commit to weekly posts, shooting for mid-week, Wednesdays.  Said blogger will also try to participate in some of the fun blog hops going around, but will not do them regularly, until the stress level subsides even more...

So, thanks for hanging in there and reading posts, including this one.  I'll be back Wednesday!

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