Sunday, July 5, 2015

Personal Reflection...can (and should) I really do this?

I started this blog last August, 11 months ago.  I thought this was going to be an amazing experience.  I love to write and talk about teaching--both things I can't really do or share with my husband and circle of friends.  They just don't get it.

In short, it was very therapeutic and exciting to write about my teaching!  I was having fun.  However, I just couldn't find the time.  I went back to school to get a Reading Endorsement added to my license (just passed the tests on Monday, whoop whoop!) which required 5 classes and lots of online discussion board postings and reading.  This is on top of having a 4 year old, who told his teacher for my Mother's Day Card that:

Additionally, I was comparing myself to other well-known bloggers in the teaching world and feeling very low; I just wasn't cutting it.  I hated feeling that way.

With some self-reflection, as well as NOT blogging for most of those 11 months haha! :o) I actually decided that I wanted to blog.  Not for others, but for me.  I wanted to "document" what I was doing in the classroom.  Not only my successes, but more importantly, my failures.  I think a light bulb went on after reading an Adventures of Room 129 post.

Blogging is not going to make me the greatest teacher ever, but it will make me a better teacher than the one I am today.  I cannot only connect with others in the field who are doing wonderful things, but look at what I am doing in my classroom and how it is working.

Will I be a regular blogger?  I hope so, but I am going to set my expectations low.  After all, I have this cutie to hangout with for the rest of the summer (and during the school year if I want to change my Mother's Day card!)


  1. I had to take a break this year. I had way too much going standards, new tests, new fiance-now husband, etc. It felt good to step back and focus on me. I'm back though and I do want to blog...I just won't put such high expectations on myself like I did before. Your little one is precious!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. Thanks for the kind words Alison! It's good to know I am not alone!