Friday, July 17, 2015

Quick week recap

So I didn't stop by my classroom this week, and I am only feeling this much guilty.  :o)  This week instead was spent looking at houses (we might be moving!,) date night with the hubby, cleaning the house, playing with the 4 y.o. and in general being was wonderful!

That being said, I have BIG PLANS to head into my room next week to finish all the projects I started:
1) Desk painting
2) Fabric on 2 more walls
3) Borders and titles
4) Organization of centers/task cards
5) Desk placement for all 33 kiddos I currently have rostered
6) Anything else I think of!

I am also meeting with my fabulous team Wednesday and Thursday to discuss next year, assessment days, open house, and some general house keeping/printing items.  Seeing some teachers on Facebook already headed back to school in a week (crazy!!) has given me even more of an itch to get myself prepared!

Hope your week went well!  I am looking forward to sharing my organized and updated classroom with y'all in a few weeks, as well as getting back into the grind of the school year.  I need some routine and structure--as much as I love summer, I also enjoy schedules and predictability!

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