Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Idea for next school year and a new product!

I stopped by school quickly this morning to feed the class pet, a gecko named Lizzie, and pick up the teacher manual for some new curriculum our principal bought.

My 5yo son with Lizzie-a crested gecko.
As then school was on the brain, I started looking at my list of changes I would like to to implement next year.  I started with our grade level newsletter...
Newsletter from 2013-14
This was sent WEEKLY to parents and published online.

I obviously love writing, and want to keep parents informed.  I wrote a grade level newsletter the past few years (see the pictures!) that was full of information; I am pretty sure less than half of our parents read it. 
Newsletter from 2014-15
This was sent MONTHLY to parents and published online.

Last year, I abandoned the practice as I was too overwhelmed with other things.  I want to keep parents informed this year, but needed a simpler way, hence my new product, Peek at the Week!  

{I know the name/title is nothing new, I actually was REQUIRED to send out newsletter with this title, paper copy, each week when I was a Long Term Sub for 5th grade in my 1st job!}

I am hoping this template will help me to be more diligent about sending out a newsletter, to keep parents informed, but also be quick and easy for me to fill out on Fridays and shoot out to parents through email (or print if they need a copy!)

How do you keep parents informed of the things that are happening in your classroom?  Are you required to send the information home or is it an option for you? Let me know below!

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