Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer-3 Weeks update and reflection

So on Wednesday I will have officially been on summer break for 3 weeks.  My "To Do" list, for either school or from the hubby, keeps getting longer, not shorter!

Some BIG items I have on my "school" list are:

  • Catch-up on Angela Watson's 40 Hour Workweek Club (I am not missing the irony in that...)
  • Finish 2 classes through Learners Edge so I start the school year at my Master's +40credits
  • Read Teach Like a Pirate and Reread Guided Math, and <maybe> dive into Personalized PD (a book our Staff Development group will be looking at this next year.)
  • Attending 4 workshops! (all single day)

Whew!  Just thinking about that makes me exhausted! But I have a sunny deck that will be perfect for sitting and reading.

I decided to make the jump BACK to a pen and paper planner for '16-17.  I LOVED using, but I feel I wasn't as organized as I could've been this past school year.
Screenshot of on my iPhone

The convenience of always having it available on my phone/iPad/Mac didn't outweigh the cons of not being able to visual have it laid out for me.  So, I spent the $$$ and bought an Erin Condren.

My beautiful planner--just getting the stickers on and organized 2 days after school let out!

This is what it looks like now:

My principal hasn't given us our schedule yet--we aren't sure when recess/lunch will be and that determines our block schedule for math and social studies/science in the afternoon.  So, I resorted to personally keeping 3M in business by buying all the post-its until I can transfer ideas/lessons onto the pages.

Additionally, my "copy" list grows ever long until I can meet with my team!  We plan together and like to be on the same page, although we each also do a bit of our own thing.  I want to make sure my thoughts align with their's before I make some copies!

There are a lot of other changes/switches happening in my building as well this summer...something I do not deal well with!  I know I should:

But instead I have felt like this the past few weeks:

Lastly, as I have been working on one of my classes (mentioned above,) I have really been reflecting on who I am as an educator, teacher-leader, wife, mother, etc.  I have many hats to wear and different shoes to fill, hence trying to find the right balance through it all and using Angela Watson's 40HW to help me stay focused.  I LOVE being busy and staying involved, but I also need to make sure I am not wearing myself too thin.  I need to focus on ME first.  Maybe it's time to take some of Elsa's advice? :o)  I had to make this list for my class, and so a few of the roles I will have (besides wife and mother, because those I am NOT giving up!) this next school year are:
  • Teacher
  • Staff Development Rep
  • Teacher's Union, supporter and advocate
  • FATPPS (building leadership)
  • Data Liaison/Test Coordinator
  • Patrol Supervisor
  • Computer Club Supervisor (only 2nd/winter trimester) and Daily Announcements
  • PTP (Parent Teacher Partnership) Vice President
  • Part-Time course evaluator for LE (still up in the air....I will know if I got the position next week!)
  • Runner/Work Out "Enthusiast" <--I'm just going to leave that right there....
  • Language Arts/Reading committee member (not sure if this will meet the next school year...)
  • Social Committee member for grade level
  • Friend (not sure I have been a good one of those lately!)
  • Reader
  • Adult <--this is over-ratted anyways, #amirite


Happy teaching, planning, and summering!!!!

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