Sunday, July 31, 2016

August....the final countdown

So tomorrow is AUGUST already!  EEK.  I posted this on my personal FB page, because it accurately sums up my, I am a Jennifer fan:
I have a Data workshop on the 4th and a Reading workshop on the 10th (with THE Donalyn Miller!!) and then Mentor teacher workshops the 22nd/23rd, Student assessments the 24th/25th, and the 29th teachers report back for workshop week.  Oof Dah!

As I think about this summer I could reflect on how much I didn't get done that I wanted to (A LOT,) or how I wish there were more days to take my son to the pool and zoo (MANY MORE,) or even how busy I have been with all the "stuff" that I am involved in and doing (see last post,) but I want to try to enter August on a more positive note!

You see, the past few weeks have been really hard for me, personally.  I realized that some people are not going to always be there as you pursue passions.  Many more, however, will be your personal cheerleaders!  I've learned, or rather re-learned, that friendship is a two-way street, and you get what you give.  I haven't been giving very much because I have been putting other things first, and therefor have lost touch with some people I thought were close friends.  But, that has also taught me that good friends will come back around, and if they don't, maybe it wasn't meant to be.  I am not going to get all preachy, but I think things happen for a reason.  I have been trying to do a lot of soul searching and re-prioritizing what is important to me in life.

So, as August comes around, here are the positives I am looking forward to for the month (not in any particular order):

  • Data workshop to prepare me for a new role in my building
  • Reading Workshop with one of my teaching idols, to help my students become lifelong readers
  • Reconnecting with coworkers who I haven't seen in awhile and learning from them
  • Making the most of the last 3 weeks by planning some special excursions with my 5yo
  • Celebrating my 8 year anniversary with my hubby on the 2nd!
  • Reconnecting with some friends over drinks and apps, catching up on their amazing lives and families
  • Working with 2 fabulous new team members!
  • Seeing Metallica live in the new Vikings stadium on the 20th (yes...I have eclectic music taste that ranges from pop Hanson to Metal like with it.)
  • Getting my 5yo amped up to be in Kindergarten!
I know many teachers are already heading back, if not already in school.  Just remember, you get out earlier than I do!  So, I am going to soak up this month and try to let the sunshine shed some positivity on my life :o)  Happy August.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

My new role OUTSIDE of the classroom...

You may recall from my previous post that I was waiting to hear if I got a position with Learners Edge, a teacher professional development company.  If you follow me on Instagram (@drazsclass) you will have seen that I did get the job and went to training last week!

I was only going to sub for Learners Edge. If a course evaluator needed to take a few days off I would fill in for them: checking off assignments, assigning grades, providing feedback, etc.  When I got to training, my boss actually informed me that she actually had an evaluator that needed to give up a course, as it was a lot of work, and asked me to take it.  Being the over-achiever I am, I said yes!

This past week I have only been subbing....I start my own course TOMORROW! {Insert freak out mode here}

I am so excited for this, but a bit nervous!  The biggest takeaways I have from subbing so far is how much I have learned from the educators who have submitted assignments!  While I am checking off work, I have found myself bookmarking sites, writing down books, noting lesson ideas, and more!  I am getting professional development while also helping other educators grow.

I also have realized how much I LOVE being a teacher leader.  I took a course on this through Learners Edge earlier this summer, which prompted me to apply for an evaluator position with them.  Learners Edge courses are like completing an individual book study, but your "assignments" are chock-full of reflection and "put into practice" examples, which really makes the information presented relevant.  I am taking another course from them right now, Teach Like a Champion, which I can't stop talking about!  My husband doesn't get my "teacher-life," but politely nods his head in the right places. :o)

In a nutshell...I am loving this new role I took on!  I am not ready to leave the classroom, but do hope I can continue to be a teacher leader and inspire other teachers!