Friday, March 10, 2017

March and Spring...the busiest few weeks!

We are one+ week into March and already my head is spinning!

I sent my colleagues a list of March dates last week for our 5th graders, and just typing it out put me on edge....they/we are SO BUSY!  I was trying to keep our support people informed, but I just gave myself anxiety instead! :o)

To recap just this past week and a half since March started:
Scholastic Book Fair
Conferences with an early release (which means we were working on self-reflection and conference forms)
Read Across America Day
Comfy/Cozy Day in 5th grade and reading time all Reading/Language Block (<--The kids loved this time!)
Conference day 2
All-school assembly with a "Dress Your Best" day
Red, White and Blue dress-up day
End of trimester (GRADES!)
Trimester party

This next week we have:
Various rehearsals for our music concert
10-book trimester challenge party
History Comes to Life Presentation (Charles Shultz)

The following week (last week before BREAK, finally!):
More rehearsals, including an African Drumming Resident coming to teach the students
All school performance and night parent performance
Finishing The City of Ember novel study and watching the movie to compare
1st Grade Buddies

...and when we get back from break state testing starts, we start our month-long social studies unit on economy/citizenship, we have an Arbor Day project to complete, etc.

Are you still with me...or did you close the window just as I close my planner when I start to get overwhelmed?!?!

To keep things fun, especially after spring break with the dreaded T word, as well as make sure they are prepared for testing, I created 2 new resources for the classroom!  I am pumped about both of them, as I know my 5th graders are going to rise to the challenge and create some amazing things!

1) Spring Break Challenge-a reading and writing activity
My students loved when I sent them to winter break with More than a Worksheet's {FREE} reading challenge so I wanted to create something that mimicked that, but then took it a step further!  I added writing challenges as well, to really keep them thinking about literacy as a whole over the break.  Because I know all classrooms are a bit different, and things vary from grade-to-grade, I created an editable version for teachers, and included a reward certificate, reward coupon, and brag tags. Click the image to be taken to TpT.

2) Spring Break Snapshots
After break, I wanted students to reflect on their break and be able to share some of the fun things they did, so I created this activity.  My students LOVE all things photos and hashtags, so I know this will be a hit!  The picture will take you to the product on TpT.

And because it is March, of course we are working on St. Patrick's Day items and inviting a bit of the Irish into our classroom with activities like those below.  My students enjoy doing monthly themed activities, just as the younger kids do!  Because St. Patty's day is my favorite, you better believe it will be celebrated in style!

How do you deal with those busy months/times in the classroom?  I am going to embrace it--to the best of my ability--and smiling through the {controlled} chaos that it is. 

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